About me

Jennie and her husband, Lynn, have parented over 100 children and worked with thousands of families. In addition to an MA in Education,


Jennie has received extensive training in trauma-informed care and therapeutic parenting. She provides trainings at conferences, schools, retreats, and workshops regarding effective, trauma-informed practices and caregiver self-care.


The couple adopted three children out of foster care between the ages of 8-10. Once those children grew up, they decided they weren’t done parenting and adopted a 2 ½ year old.


After an intense 15 years of helping children and families, Jennie and her husband needed a rest. In an effort to add more beauty, margin, and adventure into their lives, they sold their home and are traveling full-time in an RV with their preschool-aged son.


When she’s not chasing around her son, Jennie has been known to collect art and craft supplies that she has every intention of using but only brings out on rare occasions. In fact, when stressed, just walking into an art store and being around art supplies seems to do the trick. Her husband prefers she do the latter. She also loves playing guitar, scrap booking, nature hikes, and swimming.